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Transforming Real Estate Investment of Building Lasting Relationships

At Patel Capital Groups, we believe in redefining the real estate investment experience. Real estate presents an investment opportunity that provides a tangible asset capable of preserving capital during economic downturns, while also offering current income and potential capital appreciation. Our approach is deeply rooted in doing things differently. We invest in every transaction with you to ensure maximum alignment, and our platform is uniquely designed to add value at every stage of the investment process, setting us apart from the rest. With a focus on innovation and a commitment to personalized investment strategies, we are dedicated to reshaping the real estate investment landscape for our clients.

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Investment Management

The company aims to consistently provide the highest possible returns on capital to its partners, protect and grow partners' capital, and enhance earnings through strategic investment management

Real Estate Acquisition and Management

Patel Capital Groups commenced its business with a mission to acquire, own, and manage income-generating real estate across the United States and international regions


Patel Capital Group offers expertise to hoteliers in commercial real estate, providing guidance and support. Join us or tap into our knowledge to enhance your ventures.

Construction/Renovation Services

Construction/Renovation projects include project management fees and guard service, which should be allocated proportionally to the components based on the assignment of the hard costs

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